2014 Gift Guide, Day Nine

December 2, 2014


A Great Burger

I'm married to a burger connoisseur, a man who would rather eat hamburgers than steak and would gladly do it three times a day. I often hand chop the meat; I like the texture, and the fact that it allows me to use really good dry-aged meat in the mixture.

But when I buy pre-ground burger meat, I get it from DeBragga.  The flavor is fantasic – rich, complex, slightly funky.  Their burger blend is made from beef that's been aged at least 28 days – and you can really taste the difference.

This meat is, in my opinion, too good to grill.  Cook it in a skillet so there's nothing to disguise its wonderful flavor.  Add lettuce, onion and tomato if you must – or just eat it, naked, on a bun.

If you've got a meat-loving friend, they'll love this gift. The hamburger meat comes frozen, in 2 one-pound packages.  Since you have to pay postage, you might as well buy more; your friends will surely thank you. 




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