2014 Gift Guide, Day Twenty Four

December 17, 2014


 Deep Dark Soft Seductive

You either love it or you don't. Those who hate licorice will tell you about their first communion with the stuff, which invariably includes five gallon glass jars, broken teeth and cobwebs.

But true licorice is something else.  It's warm and spicy, with a flavor that fills your mouth and then your mind.  Most Americans only know sweet licorice, and if you've never had the salty sort,  you're in for a treat.

My favorite salt maker, Jacobsen’s from Tillamook, Oregon has tapped into the potential of American-made salty licorice. Jacobsen's teamed up with Portland-based super candymaker QUIN to make this eccentric little sweet. This is not classic licorice.  A bit soft, it's the most macho caramel you've ever encountered. Every true licorice-lover I know becomes instantly addicted. Offer them a bag of this fantastic licorice and they will be eternally grateful.

It’s perfect stashed into a pocket for a late-afternoon treat. And even better in a stocking. 

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