2014 Gift Guide, Day Sixteen

December 9, 2014


Mushrooms Like Magic

Mushroom people are secretive. Professional foragers never divulge their favorite spots. Even amateur hunters go tip-toeing through the woods, keeping their good fortune to themselves. (The mushroom above, should you care to know, is a delicious pink oyster.)

There's nothing more romantic than tromping through a wet forest, trying to unearth what would rather go unseen. It makes you look, really look, at the world around you.

But once you get past the sheer joy of mushroom hunting, there's the culinary pleasure of your find. Mushrooms are delicate and delicious, and if you know someone who loves to cook them, they'll be thrilled with this particular present. 

Sharondale Farm takes the hunt out of mushrooming.  They sell a dizzying array of mushroom plugs – shiitake, lions mane, oyster, to name a few – that make mushrooming a breeze. Simply bore holes in an old dead tree, stuff with a mushroom plug, and wait…. This is a gift that pays off later. 

For those without access to dead trees, Sharondale also offers mushroom-in-a-box kits for growing mushrooms right on your kitchen counter. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

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