January 17, 2015

A Great New Site You Want to Know About

As you probably know, I'm very partial to Cherry Bombe, the beautiful food magazine that celebrates women and food. It's the counterpoint to Lucky Peach, the gonzo food magazine whose every issue teems with kooky art, pages-long recipes for classic delicacies (stag pizzle soup anyone?), and a long meaty read or two. 

In the seventies, both of these would have been niche magazines, fiendishly passed around NY's fine dining kitchens. But in today’s food-obsessed universe they’re the troubadours for a generation of savvy, irreverent gourmands. And now Lucky Peach has just launched a real-deal website. Lucky us. 

The site is as intelligently done as the rest of the magazine. Take a look at the Atlas section, where contributors like David Chang recommend their favorite restaurants around the world. The list is small, but if our luck holds this will evolve into an enlightened alternative to Yelp. 

In the features section I'm very partial to Brette Warshaw’s NYC Ramen survey, Slurp & the City; this is a voice to be reckoned with.  There’s also enough of the magazine’s archives up there to steal your afternoon.  Another favorite: Peter Meehan on Claudia Fleming.


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  • alexis says:

    I have been meaning to check out LP’s new website, so thank you for the push. I loved the Slurp & the City piece. I felt as though I was slinking in and out of the ramen shops with her. It reminded me a little of your experience seeking an authentic Chinese restaurant in Garlic and Sapphires. And now on this ice dipped day, I’m craving a warming bowl with hand pulled noodles and a steaming cup of puerh tea to cut the fat after the final sip.

  • Kathy Strahs says:

    I’ve been reading Lucky Peach for years, but hadn’t heard of Cherry Bombe…thanks for the heads up, I went ahead and subscribed! I love these savvy, irreverent voices. 🙂