A Pretty Perfect Dinner

March 23, 2015


This is Kyle Knall, the chef at Maysville in New York.  Last night he and BBQ Pitmaster John Markus cooked dinner for a small group at John's upstate house.  It was a wonderful meal in every way, but the biggest surprise was that these meatcentric men, who spent all day grilling and smoking in a wicked wind, included so many fantastic vegetables in the mix.  We ate (and drank) for hours, and yet somehow walked out the door feeling buoyant.

The evening began with this stunningly delicious concoction of razor clams:



And these tender lamb ribs.  Kyle cooked them sous-vide before grilling them, then slathered the meat with a pungent cilantro sauce.  They were irresistible – and just the start, just enough to stave off hunger while we waited for the main events.



And now the stars of the show. This remarkable quail, which Kyle marinated in sunflower seed hozon, before grilling them and adding a mustard seed accent. 



A rabbit roulade – grilled.  I thought it wouldn't stand up to the heat.  I was wrong.



John's amazing slow- smoked beef  rib (look at that smoke ring!):






Local grains from Wild Hive, topped with greens, mushrooms and various vegetables…..



and this stunningly simply salad of pea shoots, lemon, salt and a smattering of grated cheese.



For dessert, a very simple granita. And then, the perfect ending: the latest offering from Pinhook: a truly fantastic bourbon.



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