A Little Taste of 1960

July 24, 2015


 The fifties were over; it was the first summer of the new decade, and what were New Yorkers dreaming of?  An all-inclusive trip to Hawaii, which could be had, airfare and hotel included, for less than $800.  How times change!


To prepare you for that trip, the editors kindly threw in a recipe for the  kind of Chinese shrimp toast you might encounter in Waikiki.  (Gourmet of the era seemed quite enamored of MSG, but I'd skip it.)


Not your cup of tea?  How about some savory summer pancakes? This all-American recipe sounds quite intriguing; I've never seen one like it. 


But maybe you'd prefer a drink?  Go outside, snip some herbs, and make yourself a potent Bloody Mary. (There's that MSG again….)



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  • Imperialist says:

    Thanks for that blast-from-the-past. According to the Westegg Inflation Calculator: $753 1960=$5938 in 2014. That must have been some trip! Just for a laugh: $753 in 2014 would have been worth $95.59 in 1960. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Ruth Reichl says:

    Still sounds like a pretty good deal to me, Imperialist. First class airfare a third of the way around the world. Two weeks in a fancy hotel. Chauffeur. Meals. Six grand’s not bad….. On the other hand, I’d rather be in Paris.

  • SS4U says:

    I made the Chinese shrimp toast last night. Omitted the MSG and replaced parsley with cilantro. Used panko. It was DELICIOUS. I’ve noticed Shrimp toast has been making a come back the last several months or year….. being served at the chi-chi places. Now at my home, too, LOL.