Vintage Dal, Lasagna and a Great Old Grill

July 27, 2015


It's September 1960, and Gourmet has a very good piece about growing up in South America – complete with recipes for empanadas that sound very good. But that recipe also has a "Chilean paella" – pictured on the cover – which is kind of a mess of a recipe. All you need to see are those canned olive-embellished artichoke hearts to know you don't want to try this one.

But a few recipes in the issue sound great – and are rather avant garde for the time. Consider this recipe for Dal (although you might want to think twice about using chili powder, and toss in a few freshly ground Indian spices instead).



Then there's this recipe, which stunned me.  Homemade pasta? In 1960?


And just for fun, an ad. This cast-iron, all-purpose smoker, grill and broiler apparently had a rotisserie inside.  Looks fantastic. If this appeals to you, there's a vintage model for sale on Ebay for a mere $850.


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