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August 11, 2015



As promised, that cherry soup from the tenth anniversary issue of Gourmet (1951).  

And then, just because I agree with the author, Samuel Chamberlin, that the trout recipe sounds delicious, I'm including that.  Along with one for salt rising bread; this is different than the one Marion Cunningham gave me, years ago, but it too captures natural yeasts from the air.  I'm going to try it. (Marion's salt rising bread has the most remarkable cheese-like flavor; I wonder if this one does too?)










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  • Sophie says:

    Thank you for sharing these historical tidbits!
    It is curious to me that both the Cherry Soup and the Fish recipes don’t include salt. Nowadays, salt is de rigeur for ALL dishes, including desserts, of course and assumed to be critical for maximum flavor.

  • Ruth Reichl says:

    Hi Sophie,
    I think the editors assumed that you’d add salt and pepper to taste.
    It was another time; they figured anyone reading recipes would have their own ideas on cooking.

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