You Asked For It: 1951

November 22, 2015


It’s January 1951 at Gourmet, and the editors are celebrating the magazine’s tenth anniversary by reprinting their most frequent requests.  The article offers a few fascinating – and often surprising – insights into what America was eating in the middle of the last century.  The recipes literally span the globe. Here are a few that most intrigued me.  (Others include Shrimp Creole, Coq au Vin, Chopped Chicken Livers, Onion Soup, Salt Rising Bread and that most ubiquitous of recipes, Lindy’s Strawberry Cheesecake.)












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  • Ruth, thank you for posting these historic gems.

  • Mickele Bragg says:

    just gah!

  • Peggy Heyman says:

    I was a subscriber to Gourmet from 1967 until it ceased publication. I still miss it and have found no other food magazine to take its place. I still have recipes from the You asked For It column and use them happily. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Mary Anne O'Connell says:

    Thank you so much for all the recipes especially the pralines. Do you have a tip for a quality candy thermometer? I have a cart full of failed thermometers!

  • Edy Klang says:

    The recipe for the Lebkuchen ends with “candied cherries,”. Was there anything else after that might be missing?

  • Susan Sullivn says:

    Sad you brought up the question for coq au vin but did not print the recipe.

  • Bill Jackson says:

    I too enjoy both your writing and the spark of inspiration provided by the old recipes. I know I can find recipes for coq au vin….there is always Julia at the very least.But I am curious about the 1950s Gourmet magazine version.
    Kind Regards,Bill

  • admin says:

    Dear Bill and Susan,

    You’re absolutely right! Mea culpa. I’m posting that recipe now.

  • Yael Carmeli says:

    In the 1980’s I was living in the States and had a subscription to the Gourmet Magazine.
    I would receive the magazine each month and read the recipes as I read poetry ,with the same enthusiasm and passion , and that passion was reflected in tasty results in the kitchen .
    There was a recipe of Pulla bread with sweet condensed milk that I would bake every week for a long time. I have lost that recipe and would appreciate if you could send it to me so I can go back and bake Pulla again.
    Much obliged


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