Gift Guide 2015: Apple Crisp You Can Drink

December 21, 2015


I’ll admit I was skeptical when the Republic of Tea asked if I’d like them to develop a tea from one of the recipes in My Kitchen Year.  It sounded gimmicky, but I was also intrigued.  I suggested they try making either a Linzer Torte tea or an Apple Crisp tea.

They sent me two samples.  The Linzer Torte didn’t quite make it; the flavor was sweet, but the raspberries and almonds seemed wimpy to me.  The Apple Crisp Tea, on the other hand, was amazing.  I took the tea out of the box and the aroma of apples came leaping into the air.  I brewed up a pot, poured some out, and found myself sipping a cup of Autumn. Apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and a hint of butter; it’s a little bit sweet, but not at all cloying.  I’ll admit that over time I’ve become addicted to this tea.  It makes every morning better.

And at night… well, I’ve discovered Republic of Tea’s Get Some ZZZ’s tea. Does it really help me sleep better?  Maybe it’s just the thought of the valerian in the mix, but somehow I find this tea extremely relaxing.  If you have an insomniac friend, they’ll thank you.

Order before noon today, Central Time, and flat rate shipping will get your tea to your friend in time to surprise them for Christmas.





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