Gift Guide 2015: Consider the Oyster

December 5, 2015


As any reader of my blog (or previous gift guides) knows, I love all things oyster.  And I’ve got oyster knives in all manner of shapes and sizes; I never stop looking for the perfect one.

Now I may have found it. This hand-forged oyster knife from Sea Island Forge in Georgia was obviously designed by someone who’s spent a lot of time opening oysters, and it’s intelligently engineered for maximum torque. It’ s got a lot more heft than your ordinary oyster knife – and I love the way it feels in my hand.  Also nice: it hooks onto your belt when you’re not using it – and the hook doubles as a beer can opener.

This one’s handmade and costs $100.  If you’re looking for something less expensive, I also love this Victorinox oyster knife; the curved tip really makes a difference, and it costs less than a tenth of the price above.


And while we’re on the subject of oysters…. Here are two favorite places to order them on online.

When I want West Coast oysters – at the moment Shigokus and Kumamotos (not to mention geoducks), I order from Taylor Shellfish Farms.  For East Coast oysters, I have a hard time thinking of a more luxurious gift than a bag filled with 100  Island Creek oysters.  Stored in the refrigerator, cup side down and covered with a damp cloth, they’ll keep for at least a week.


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