Gift Guide 2015: Could This be a Perfect Pan?

December 7, 2015



Full disclosure: I haven’t tried these beautiful hand-forged carbon steel pans.  While I rarely put anything I haven’t tried into my gift guide, the moment Joanne (see Consider The Oyster) suggested these pans, I began to covet them.  If I covet it, your friends probably will too.

Here’s what the site says about these pans made by Martin Reinhard, just outside of Calgary in Alberta:

“After researching the best practices for skillets, frying pans and paella pans, Martin decided to create the most superior pan possible: fast heat uptake, even & consistent transference, smooth finish with high non-stick properties, high food safety standard, diverse usage capabilities, unmatched durability…”

The floor is hand hammered to facilitate a reservoir of oil and steam. The handle is woven, reducing the heat transference and the risk of burns. Every pan is stamped with a maple leaf and ‘M.J. Reinhard’.

The pans are crafted from Carbon Steel which is stronger, lighter and more ductile than cast iron, facilitating lower heats and faster cooking times. It readily acquires a truly nonstick surface – a patina of polymerized oil to produce a high caliber cooking surface.”

Again, no promises here. But if you’re looking for a unique (and expensive) gift for the cook who already has everything, I think this is a good bet. The 12 inch pan costs 185 Canadian dollars – but it should last at least one lifetime.


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  • Hannah Morgan says:

    I haven’t tried these particular pans, but I own a carbon steel one made in Seattle by Blu Skillet and it is *exceptional*. So quick to get an even heat, and amazing for everything from searing meat to making crepes. Carbon steel is my favorite now. Loving your gift guide series!

  • Lloyd Le Blanc says:

    Hello Ruth,
    Have always enjoyed your cooking and now your regular emails.
    I am writing to you from Eastern Canada and at today’s exchange rate of $ 185.00 CAD for the 12 ” pans is about $ 135.00 USD. And no I don’t work for the company in Calgary !!

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Elle says:

    Oh come one, Ruth, spring for one and tell us all about it! You can always write it off…give it away….whatever! And if it truly is Prince Charming, you can say I toldjaso.