2015 Gift Guide: The Weight

December 3, 2015


A true terrine should pack so much flavor into a single bite that you second guess your surroundings. Are you in a french farmhouse? A little bistro? Or maybe just leaning against your kitchen counter? Eating a great terrine can really take you places.

A terrine should also be rich, luscious and a little bit sweet. It should feel like a party on a plate.  It should also be extremely dense. Why? Because air pockets interfere with flavor and ruin the whole experience.  A true terrine is weighted.

I’ve spent hours combing through the pantry, looking for something that will fit on top of the terrine. I’ve used old fashioned coffee cans. I’ve resorted to cans of tomatoes and jars of applesauce. 

But that’s all in the past. I’ve recently discovered these attractive terrine molds – with attendant weights to make concentrating flavors easy. It’s a delightfully versatile vessel, and even those uninterested in terrines (but why would you know such a person?) will surely find ways to use it.

If you’re a really good friend, you’ll offer it to your friends already full.  Here are two of my favorite recipes: this one is a French country classic (veal, chicken livers, ham, bacon), and this mushroom pate is a delightful vegetarian option. 

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  • ruthanna miller says:


    I am so thrilled to see this recipe for the Mushroom Pate. I have wanted to try something like this for so long, and now here it is. I will be making this for my family for Christmas for sure. Thank you so much for your wonderful posts. You are one of the first ones each morning as I open my computer.

    Ruth Anna Miller