Gift Guide: For the Person Who Must Have the Latest Thing

December 4, 2015


I wouldn’t want one of these, but then I’ve always thought people’s obsession with drinking water was slightly insane.  Still, I know LOTS of people who will want a Pryme Vessel the moment they discover it exists. It goes by the name “intelligent cup.”

Here’s what it does: figure out exactly how much water you need to drink – and when you need to drink it – by factoring in a lot of personal data.  So if you know someone who lacks the ability to listen to their body when it tells them they’re thirsty, this would make a great gift. It’s perfect for that person who must have the latest gadget, the hippest watch, the newest Iphone.  And don’t we all know someone like that?

You can buy it, incidentally, at Apple Stores. It costs five cents less than a hundred bucks.


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  • Anonymous says:

    “… five cents less than a hundred bucks.” You have such a way with words. It’s such a treat to read your posts!

  • Momma J says:

    Ha! I can almost hear your sneer…..(for stupid people who don’t know they’re thirsty)!! LOL
    Maybe I’ll just use that 100 to pay the water bill for a senior citizen who truly does worry about water! Bless you!!

  • Ulli K. says:

    Actually: thank you very much for this recommendation! Although it will not be my favorite gift for friends and family……..but my husband LOVES it! He is a scientis working primarily with patients who have chronic kidney diseases and for them it is very important to measure their fluid intake. So this “smart cup” goes right into research no!
    Thanks for all your creative ideas!