Vintage Vegetarian for the New Year

December 31, 2015

I’ve been leafing through old Gourmet Magazines, and found myself intrigued by these vegetarian suggestions for the New Year, spanning three decades of January issues.

From 1975, Parsley Dumplings with Brown Butter and Fried Parsley

IMG_7243 (1)


From 1985, Parmesan Scallion Souffle

IMG_7245 (1)

And from 1997, Gumbo Z’herbes (you’ll note I’ve omitted the microwave roux; my feeling is that if you’re going to bother making gumbo, you should spend time on the roux).



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  • admin says:

    Okay, lard’s not vegetarian – but you can easily substitute a neutral (or not so neutral) vegetable oil. And if the tiny bit of anchovy in Worcestershire sauce worries you, there are plenty of vegetarian Worcestershire sauces out there. Can’t find one? In a pinch, substitute soy sauce – or just leave it out.

  • These are nice. I have been writing about vegetarian food for the last eight years, and am still asked the “How do you get your Protein?” question.