Another Off-Beat Recipe

January 29, 2016

I feel an obligation to preface this post with an earnest plea: please do not make this recipe. Tuna, cream of mushroom, soy sauce?  Our Beat Generation guide, Carl Larsen, is back, with a recipe from 4 B.C (Before Corso or Kerouac.)  It’s a real doozy; hopefully Pablo himself predated it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 4.29.19 PM


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  • Mark. says:

    Not way different from a lot of other tuna casserole recipes out there. My favorite of the lot is in recent editions of Joy of Cooking, which begins with making (essentially) undiluted cream of mushroom soup from fresh mushrooms…

  • Frank says:

    i was going to say this, too: this is essentially the tuna casserole recipe in the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook from my mom’s day. different pasta, and the soy sauce is weird (or is it? umami, anyone?), but everything else is there. that BH&G recipe is still my go-to comfort food casserole recipe!

  • annie says:

    what is “non skid” spaghetti?

  • Linda says:

    is this tasty or too strange?

  • Momma J says:

    This actually looks like my mother’s recipe!
    I refuse to use canned soup in anything, so I’d make my own cream sauce.
    I’d probably use fresh tuna, and I might make my own noodles!! .
    Otherwise, this looks like a pretty traditional tuna noodle casserole!
    The soy sauce might be in place of salt, perhaps??

  • H. Harra says:

    A similar recipe got me through grad school in the very early 70’s. Back then a can of mushroom soup and a can of good tuna weren’t as costly as now. It definitely fills a lampshade and lasts for days! My mom told me the recipe and added some mixed vegies to it. It got her through a year in Washington D.C. before WWII ended. This kind of recipe should be bronzed !

  • Anonymous says:

    Yikes! The only thing missing is the crushed potato chips on top!

  • I remember growing up with good ole Campbell’s Soup concoctions and thinking how a tin can filled with a mushroom flecked blob made everything taste so good.

    Thank goodness for the food obsessed; Julia Child, Anne Willan, Martha Stewart, Jaques Pepin and you Ruth for educating our palettes and teaching us how easy it is to whip up our own fresh mushroom soup in less than an hour.

    Proof positive that evolutionism is a powerful concept responsible for improving American cuisine.

  • James says:

    Momma J
    What a waste of fresh tuna!

  • Nina says:

    According to googlenews (via the Lexington NC Dispatch, 2/10/1956), non-skid spaghetti was invented in 1956. Basically wavy/curly spaghetti. Originally called “fusilli,” but sales skyrocketed when they changed its name to non-skid spaghetti.

  • burtony says:

    Can of Cream of Mushroom soup, can of tuna, box of Mac and Cheese, a handful of frozen peas and carrots, a one pot dish for the hungry 1984 college student…and then I began my apprenticeship through the ACF. Perceptions change but good memories remain.

  • Jodie Morgan says:

    I think my mother-in-law still makes this casserole, which is why I often drink my dinner when we visit.