Old Menus: Los Angeles, 1982, 1991

January 9, 2016

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Just found a folder of menus from my years at the Los Angeles Times.  There’s this one, from the old Spago (Wolf actually drew the cover himself), long before it moved to spiffy new quarters in Beverly Hills. This may be the first menu, although I’m not sure about that. Note that the highest priced entree is $14.50.



Isn’t it interesting that there are two liver dishes, along with sweetbreads and squab? Also note the inclusion of goat cheese, which was then a new American product; Laura Chenel started selling America’s first fresh goat cheese in 1979

Then there are these menus from Thomas Keller, long before he went on to French Laundry fame.  I was a big fan of his food at Checkers Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, but the restaurant never really took off. One interesting note: look how much more adventurous Keller let himself be with brunch. Duck hash; chorizo gravy; peanut butter waffles.

This is lunch:


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  • Nancy says:

    Yes but cod, veal rack or scallops look amazing too. Love m pepins Matisse-like cover.

  • Joao Roberto says:

    Marjolaine reminds me of Fernand Point at La Pyramide in Vienne- Nord Rhône- and Madame Mado, his wife. My second restaurant in Brasil was named La Pyramide in honor of Fernand Point my “guru’. Cheers!!!

  • Wow… brings back memories. Old PBS series – “Great Chefs” of something… and Chef Mark, shaking up things, shortly after which he opened up the Coyote, I think.


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