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February 24, 2016

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This beautiful creature is a doughnut from Cofax Coffee (the coffee is by Stumptown), on Fairfax Avenue.  They’re famous for their breakfast burrito, but it’s the doughnuts I’ve come for.

Los Angles has always been crazy about doughnuts, but these are anything but ordinary; they may be the lightest I’ve ever eaten, so airy they seem to float off the counter and into your grateful mouth.  They’re the creations of baker Nicole Rucker, late of the much-loved Gjusta in Venice. Lovely flavors too: strawberry shortcake, chocolate, lemon-pistachio, maple bacon and this lovely coffee version.  Even the plain one, below, is a doughnut to reckon with.


Just down the street at the light-drenched  Jon and Vinny’s they’re eating breakfast pizzas like this potato, parmesan, egg and onion version, on a remarkably crisp, thin crust:IMG_2432

and plates of oil-fried eggs like this, surrounded with tomato nduja, grilled kale, crackling potatoes and sauteed onions.


It’s a lovely way to start the day.

And then, of course, there’s Egg Slut in the Grand Central Market, which should not be missed.

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