A Few Tasty Morsels I’ve Eaten Lately

March 14, 2016


Had lovely meals in Michigan; who knew there was such an interesting restaurant scene there?

The salad above was at Malia in Battle Creek – a stunningly ambitious restaurant with some of the sweetest service I’ve encountered lately.

IMG_7641The meal began with this burrata with fried basil leaves, pesto and balsamic, and then went on to this enormous – and delicious – tomato pasta.


There was also this: bacon Nutella brownie.  Not my thing – but extraordinarily intense.

IMG_7646In Detroit I ate at Antietam.  Again, serious ambition, incredibly kind service.  The meal began with this beet tart topped with caramelized goat cheese,IMG_7635

and a really fine beef tartare:


And then went on to this gorgeously roasted piece of whitefish with fried sage:


Tomorrow I’ll post some of the delicious food I ate at La Sirena – which has to be New York’s most spectacular new space.  Here’s a little teaser: the cacio e pepe toasts they hand out with the drinks. Brilliant idea!


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  • Patti Lynch says:

    Thanks for always sending such lovely photos and heavenly descriptions of the food you encounter, Ruth. I look forward to your daily emails to live (or pretend to eat) vicariously through you! I live on a mountain in Northern New Jersey, so I don’t get too many opportunities for sophisticated dining.

  • Maura C says:

    Love Malia in Battle Creek, MI! Thanks for the positive review.