Looking Backward: Eighties Multi Culti

March 27, 2016

IMG_5098The Minnesota Heritage Cookbook, which practically waved at me from my bookcase this morning, is a beautifully earnest expression of mid-eighties high multiculturalism. Not to mention a fascinating look at changing immigration patterns.IMG_5088As I flipped through the pages, beguiling breakfast bread after beguiling breakfast bread begged to be considered. But it was these savory dishes – and a very strange pudding – that caused me to linger. (If you’re making the curry, add the fresh coriander or parsley to the onions and garlic, not the spices.  It’s strangely out of order. And cut way back on that oil; one cup is ridiculous.)

IMG_5094  IMG_5095



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  • Gordon says:

    Thin ginger snaps are the best- Ruth , I work for Le Creuset, and I have a lot of cookbooks, but its your ” unique ” ones that always interest me- thanks for sharing. Today making veal and ricotta meatballs from Molly Stevens Braising cookbook.