Nick’s Gorgeous Greens

April 21, 2016


Feeling totally indulgent on this radiant morning, I was heading off to Gray’s Papaya. ¬†Nothing makes me more aware of how lucky I am to be a New Yorker than a walk along the river with a crisp, skinny hot dog slathered with onion sauce in my hand.

But a wonderful aroma was wafting through the apartment, and I found Nick in the kitchen, stuffing kale, lemons and ginger into the juicer. It smelled so delicious it stopped me in my tracks. ¬†“Try it,” he said, holding out the glass.

I’ll have a hot dog tomorrow.


Nick’s Green Drink

1/2 bunch kale

1 thick carrot

1 whole lemon, peel removed

knob of ginger (not too big)

2 pears

Whirl into a liquid and drink with enormous pleasure.

A perfect way to start the day.


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  • Zoya says:

    I remember reading about Nick in Garlic and Sapphires, how absolutely adorable he was while tasting hash browns for the first time. How he was completely fearless when he saw you in one of your disguises for the first time.
    Incidentally, I read Comfort me with Apples after reading G&S. And while I already knew your little miracle was coming up, parts of it were still hard to read. In the end, I was so happy for you.
    Today, it makes me especially happy to read about Nick all grown up and serving you a scrumptious drink, all his own invention. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where he gets the creative flair from!
    I haven’t commented before but this post inspired me to. I’ve always loved your published work.
    Lots and lots of love from an avid, Pakistani fan all the way from Karachi, Pakistan.