Things I Love: Slightly Weird

April 25, 2016

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Soft, chewy and spicy, I am addicted to these little Japanese snacks.  Dried squid with a touch of sugar, a hint of garlic and the zing of chiles. A sharp jolt of flavor. Good for you. No calories. What’s not to like?




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  • Alex says:

    Yum! I grew up with different variations of these little snacks. They also make dried scallop snacks too. Soooo good, that same slightly sweet, slightly spicy and so savory flavor with so much umami. Yes, yum!

  • Moe says:

    What??? No link in a different color to purchase? Is there a website maybe?

    Thank you Ruth as always.

  • Alex says:

    Moe, you can try any local Asian grocery store if you have them in your area. They’re all sorts of flavors, brands, etc., generally a huge variety, or try googling. Good luck!

  • Rinshin says:

    Kimichi Yaki(grilled) Ika(squid). In old days in Tokyo, my favorite snack to buy at the movie theaters were dried squid to munch. In those days, there mostly one or two varieties ie very dry or soft and easy to bite.

  • Hmmm… have to try these. Maybe at “” or something?

    Looks like the beef jerky sold at down here at the huge and awesome truck stop Buc-ees (in Texas). Bet they’d sell it and do quite well.

  • Mark. says:

    Some brands have too much sugar (doesn’t help that I’ve been diabetic for 45 years and have grown wary of sweet things), but I really like the not-too-sweet ones, probably to excess. Used to eat them at a Scrabble tournament that for years was held in a hotel a block from a very big Asian supermarket.. Also fresh longans…


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