A Few Delicious Bites…

May 6, 2016


The most seductive dish I’ve been served recently. I can’t stop thinking about it. The Tropical at Jean-Georges, a ball of delicate coconut pastry, opens up to spill this gorgeous tumble of  fruit. A fragrant tangle of tastes and textures (passionfruit!) I can’t think of a more exciting way to end a meal.

This is the Tropical’s humble demeanor as it arrives at the table:


A few other delights from that lunch at Nougatine:

Fresh pea soup. The croutons evaporate when you take a bite, topped with a pungent froth of parmesan. It’s like dreaming of spring while sitting at the table.


Pastina. Lemon. Sea urchin. Butter. Caviar. An edible punch: I leave the flavor to your imagination:


Here is the most delicious morsel I ate at North, a remarkably impressive restaurant in the pretty hamlet of Armonk: squid ink strozzapreti with rock shrimp and chives:


And finally, my favorite bite from a satisfying lunch at Via Carotta: delicate strands of lemony pasta tossed with peas, topped with prosciutto and sprinkled with Parmesan.  A perfect classic combination. Eating this I thought: I’m glad to be alive.


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  • Joy Kramer says:

    What a gorgeous dessert! So beautifully presented and elegantly understated. I’m wondering what fruits were inside. After that meal, I hope you had the appetite left to appreciate that lovely ball of fruit. I’m so impressed.