More Vintage Restaurant Recipes

May 15, 2016

A few more gems from the Ford Times Cookbook.

My German father frequented the old world German establishments of the city, but we never went to Jager House.   We were regulars at Luchow’s and The Blue Ribbon, and when we went up to Yorktown to eat at Kleine Konditorei. Now I wish we’d gone to this place; the goulash is appealing. Look at that meat-onion ratio! And then imagine grating six pounds of onions…..


I feel like I can almost see this one, modest sentinel outside the current New York Times building. I love how evocative that chef’s posture is. And I love the fact that this down to earth restaurant was using fresh spinach in the spanakopita.  Looks like an excellent recipe. IMG_5459

And last, this hodgepodge of a Pacific-rim restaurant in Washington D.C serving Korean style chicken. Isn’t it strange to think about the fact that even in a restaurant the cooks were using powdered ginger and garlic instead of the real thing?IMG_5460

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  • Angela Muller says:

    Well, Ruth, this post placed me in a time machine. Back in the day, every trip into the City involved dinner at either Luchows, Mama Leone, or Sardi’s. Having grown up with Italian cuisine, my favorite was always the fascinating Luchows; the food, the décor and ambience. I still use recipes from their cookbook.

  • Peggy Heyman says:

    As a child of 9-10 in the early 50s, my room in our apartment faced Lexington Avenue, across the street from Jager House. On weekends, in addition to food, there was dancing in the dining room. My friends and I would look out the window and enjoy the activity! It felt almost like watching a live theater performance! I would have loved to have eaten there, especially after living in Vienna for 5 years in the 1970s!

  • Leslie falls says:

    For an art project i am looking for the name of an Italian restaurant on Lexington ave. about 1979…I think I read about it in Bon Apetit at the time…it had zebras on the wallpaper.