Duck, Duck, Chicago

June 12, 2016


I’m in Chicago for the Printer’s Row Literary Festival. Great event.

Had dinner last night at Sun Wah, home of the famous Duck Dinner (see above).  It’s a casual barn of a place filled with huge families enjoying terrific food and having a wonderful time.  Lots of birthdays, celebrated with the clanging of a gong.

We ate a ton of food: wonderful ong choy, great tripe, clams with black bean sauce, bittermelon and beef, congee…. But it’s the duck that’s the main event.

Here’s why:

Tonight’s dinner: Alinea.  Stay tuned.

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  • Moe says:

    Very impressive knife skills. I love duck with a passion no matter how it is prepared. Thank you once again for an informative post.

  • Brenda Oswalt says:

    So little time, so little duck… live close to the duck capitol of the USA… gulf coast of Texas is next to Louisiana. What’s not to love. Its incredible there isn’t more duck on menus around the country. Must be a cultivated taste?

  • Brenda Oswalt says:

    So little time, so little duck. Why, oh why isn’t duck on more menus in this country? We live on the gulf coast of Texas – right next door to the duck capitol of USA, but, alas, in Texas there’s a “duck desert”. My husband has gone duck hunting with many a bro – “Coon=ars” in Louisiana… Lets lobby for more quack, quack! Other than using it to fry french fries, haven’t seen hide nor feathers of duck around.