Curiouser and Curiouser

July 12, 2016


I couldn’t resist buying this book…

It’s filled with all sorts of wonderful information. ┬áHere, for example, is the classic Tuscan ┬áCibreo.

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  • Joy Kramer says:

    I think not… : )

  • Joy Bryden says:

    Uhh thanks, but I’ll pass, I suddenly have no appetite!

  • Tom Steele says:

    Of course, many cultures in world history have devoured offal and every last speck of every last animal slaughtered for eating purposes. In a sense, to do otherwise is wasteful. But–at least in the West–our superior methods of animal husbandry have provided enough for nearly everyone–not that we share it accordingly! I do think it’s safe to say that today no one HAS to eat animal testicles. I can understand a certain level of curiosity about the practice, but (not to sound snobby about it all) I’m glad I live in a time and place where ingesting such material is completely unnecessary.

  • Yes Please.
    Sounds great with a hearty sour dough bread. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Bravo, I say! Well done to the author for persevering with a less than palatable-seeming cookbook subject and to the publisher for putting the thing out in the world.

    Are testicles the new frontier of this “nose to tail” cooking trend perhaps? Great find Ruth.