More Strange Frito Recipes

July 6, 2016

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  • Teresa says:

    I was recently at Little Goat in Chicago, where we had a delicious cake called Cheesit Cake. The entire party was skeptical, but the waitress told us it was the chef’s wedding cake, so I ordered it, and everyone was glad I had. Maybe Frito cake will be next?

  • Mark. says:

    Amazed that the mid-century-food blogs haven’t tried these — though they’ve done other official Fritos recipes. Maybe they will now.

    Veal certainly has gotten far rarer than in my childhood (Sixties into Seventies).

  • Linda Bissinger says:

    I have a recipe for shortbread cookies that has pecans and crushed potato chips. They are delicious and nobody can ever guess the “magic” ingredient. Are Fritos like potato chips?

  • admin says:

    Linda, would love that recipe.
    Fritos have a lot more flavor than potato chips. And are, usually , a lot less straightforward. (Most potato chips are just potato, oil and salt. Fritos have a LONG list of ingredients – although they were probably very different in the fifties.)

  • CatF says:

    Actually, Fritos have a very short list of ingredients these days: Corn, corn oil, salt. Someone pointed this out to me recently to convince me to choose them over Cheetos.