A Few Retro Recipes (and ads)

August 3, 2016


A few more gems from the September, 1978 issue, in which the editors encouraged you to preserve the bounty of the season…

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While Robert Joffrey urged you to be brave enough to purchase – gasp!- Italian wines in lieu of bottles from France.

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The future Mrs. Murdoch (or someone who looked a lot like her) offered a sultry come-on to consumers of lime juice….


And a few recipes remind us how much tastes have changed.  Can you imagine anyone wanting to make this dish today?

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  • Tom Steele says:

    I’m just old enough to remember having a square of this curried chicken gelatin served to me at a dinner party my family attended. I don’t remember how I disposed of it, but I did, after one grotesque bite.

    In their wonderful books, Jane and Michael Stern have amply documented the culinary horrors of that era, including plenty of recipes that no sensible cook would touch with a ten-foot whisk.

    In Manhattan, I once attended an Oscar Awards party in a bad-movie year when the nominees were to no one’s liking, and our host made a slew of horrible dishes from the Stern books to salute the occasion. Hot Pepper Dot Candy Studded Cherry Jello comes to mind. Several of us sent out for pizza.

  • Debbie Quinn says:

    Love the tomato recipe. I noticed there was no boiling water bath after the relish was in the pint jars. I guess the heat would change the relish?

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