Three Great Hudson Valley Foods

August 27, 2016


Just back from the Hudson Farmers’ Market.  Bought a small mountain of garlic to put in a dark, cool place and save for the fall.

Bought tomatoes – they’ve been fantastic this year – and corn (also a great season), and prune plums.  The late strawberries are in, and I bought those too, along with watermelon, blueberries and shishito peppers. I was on my way out when I saw the Rockerbox stand, and bought this bottle of dried, unadulterated garlic flakes.  It will be perfect in the winter, when my hoarded garlic’s gone. Then I made the mistake of opening a jar of  black garlic powder.  The aroma came leaping out –  the scent is insanely intense – so I bought that too.

I managed not to stop in at Bonfiglio Bakery for one of their irresistible lemon puffs. The bakery makes them only on Saturday, and they always sell out. Rich and flaky, with a heart of lemon custard, eaten warm they’re one of the best things on earth.

Now I’m sorry I skipped them.


But I did stop in at Little Ghent Farm for a loaf of their superb sourdough bread.  This is the most picture-perfect farm you’ll ever see and I always end up buying more than I expect. Today: eggs, liver pate and sausage.

Now I’m about to slice the bread, salt the tomatoes, fry some bacon and make BLTs. They are never better than they are right now.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Lovely imagery, Ruth. I am standing by the stove, reducing the juice from local sour cherries. It will be added to the pie filling, and made into a tart to be shared with dear ones tomorrow. You fuel my imagination and inform my cooking!

  • Barbara says:

    Aren’t we fortunate to have such wonderful farmers’ markets. I am in Portland, OR and never miss a Saturday visit.

  • Greg says:

    One can easily feel the senses of your visit and savor the thought of the foods described, especially the sourdough bread, the lemon puffs, the black garlic, the peppers, plums, watermelon, and unexpectedly the BLT’s. Glad to know BLT’s might be at your dining table – they’re easy, taste-filled summer food.

  • Miltiades says:

    Living in hoity toity Santa Barbara, one must travel out of town or have mailed in such a delicious looking, crusty sour dough bread.

  • I thought that was you I passed at the Hudson Farmer’s Market this morning! Yes, we are lucky to be surrounded by wonderful farms in this area. I will have to stop by Little Ghent Farm sometime; sounds terrific. Thanks for shopping, eating and promoting local!

  • Carolyn S says:

    Ruth, Brooklyn Grange, a farm on a roof at the Brooklyn Navy Yard is something you’ll never forget and may have never even imagined.

  • Among the blessings of living in Ghent: picturesque natural beauty, wonderful people, close proximity to Hudson, there is the stand out Little Ghent Farm where Mimi makes her superb bread and they raise and sell the most delectable pork and prepare and sell many delicious food preparations. Mimi and Richard are heaven sent!