Labor Day, 1974

September 4, 2016

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Couldn’t resist this.  It’s from the 1974 issue of Gourmet – and  it’s so far from a meal that anybody I know would conceive of serving to guests tomorrow that I stared at the pictures for a while in shock.  Then I thought, who knows – you may actually feel like creating a tomato aspic.  Or roasting a few ducks.  This squash sounds interesting, although it certainly tells a tale of a different time. And who among us doesn’t have a soft spot for peach upside down cake?



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  • Faith Willinger says:

    Fabio Picchi, chef owner of Cibreo in Florence does a tomato aspic–spicy, garlicky, creamy with extra virgin whipped in, made with superior Italian canned tomatoes, that’s a world away from your recipe. And for many, worth a voyage.

  • MaggieToo says:

    Aspic may sound laughably quaint today, but come on — is it really any more risible than the gels, foams, and agar pearls that modernist cooks are making now? Forty years from now those will doubtless look pretty ridiculous too.

    And that tomato-herb aspic from Faith’s article sounds pretty chi-chi to me — I’m going to try it, unironically, with the abundance of late-summer tomatoes.

  • Judi Suttles says:

    This tomato aspic sounds interesting. I always serve one with a prime rib roast at holiday time. I make a dressing for the aspic of mayonaise, lemon juice, seasoning salt and a dash of Tobasco. I going to try this recipe for the aspic next time. Thanks!


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