Merci Julia

September 9, 2016


I pulled this plate out of the cupboard today, and it made me think about the late Michel Richard, and how much I miss him. Then I tried to recall the event.  This is what I remembered: Merci Julia was an event in Los Angeles, organized by Michel Richard, honoring Julia Child on her 80th birthday.  I remember that the food was spectacular, that the money was raised for the American Institute of Wine and Food, and that just about every French chef in America showed up.

If you want to read about it, you can do that here, and here.  And if you want to read the controversy about the event, you can read the inimitable Kathy Jenkins, on why there weren’t more women involved, here.   Interesting, isn’t it, that twenty years before the Gods of Food controversy, women chefs were already asking “What about us?”

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