Old Fall Recipes

October 9, 2016


A friend just sent me this wonderful old American cookbook by Miss Leslie – first published in 1854 – and it’s such a wonderful reminder of a simpler time that I’ve spent the past day flipping through the pages.


Among the receipts for transparent puddings, canvasback ducks, oyster pies and fricasseed sweetbreads, I came upon these seasonal soups. Don’t you wish you had a store room?



I’ve also been going through old issues of the Los Angeles Times Food section, and came upon this fascinating recipe we published in the fall of 1991.


it so delicious that we decided to reprint it.


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  • Michele says:

    I want to know the follow up of that recipe. I just put my apple cake in the oven, so I’m with you on the apple season at the Farmer’s Market.

  • Moe says:

    I’m a little fuzzy on this and maybe someone can help me. In Miss Leslie’s cookbook, she uses the word “receipt” in place of “recipe”. Was this a common practice back in the 1800’s? How did they come up with those words?

    And I will be making the apple bake. So simple yet elegant.