Another Fantastic Meal with the BBQ Pitmaster

November 1, 2016


Every time I go to dinner at John Markus‘ house, he seems to up the ante.

Sunday night was no exception.  In addition to his own super-fine ‘que, there was Chef Chad Brauze concocting an extraordinary array of dishes.  It was, as everyone agreed, a completely spectacular feast.

It began with Chef Chad’s array of homemade charcuterie (made with mangalitsa pork from Mosefund Farms.) Those pickled carrots were also off the charts.


Speaking of carrots… these roasted Kyoto Reds were so good I ate half of them before anyone else had discovered how delicious they were


Slow roasted tomatoes with burrata


Sweet and sour cauliflower…


Charred Brussels sprouts with hits of sweet, salt, nut, savory….


an autumn salad


John’s unbeatable ribs….


and his slowly smoked beef


Because there simply wasn’t enough meat on the table, Chef Chad felt compelled to stuff a cabbage with lamb for this chou farci


That may seem like a lot, but there were a number of dishes I neglected to photograph. Oysters on the half shell. Beets with goat yogurt. A second salad. By the time we got to dessert I was in such a food fog I forgot to get a shot of the stunning deep dish apple pie and the enormous cheese board.

Happily, I stopped eating long enough to take a shot of this amazing cheese: Chef Chad laced it with white truffles, making a perfect coda to a memorable meal.





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  • Ari says:

    Will you be sharing the recipe (for at least the carrots)?

  • Kate Donegan says:

    Oh we love everything from Mosefund! This meal looks amazing – and very “Fall”.

  • Patti Lynch says:

    Wow, everything sounds and looks so delish! I had a great meal at my best friend’s house on Sunday: shrimp scampi over rice, tender pork chops in a rich gravy, and garlicky green beans. And we brought cheesecake and apple donuts. But your feast looks way more involved and filling!

  • DogsDontPurr says:

    OMG…I am dying over here!! I want to eat *all* of that…right now and every day! And I agree with a previous commentor: recipes…please? Especially for the carrots….well, for everything!

    Thanks for sharing your experience…even if I am salivating.


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