Comfort in a Bowl

November 14, 2016

068_reic_9781400069989_art_r1In the mood to cook? I think this tart soup might be the perfect dish for this particular moment in time. If anything can comfort you, this is it.


Shopping list: 6 cups chicken stock, 1/3 cup rice, 1 lemon.

Staples: 4 eggs, salt.

Serves 6.

Bring about six cups of good rich chicken stock to a boil. Add a third of a cup of raw rice, lower the heat to a simmer, and cook for 20 minutes..

Meanwhile, grate the rind from one lemon into a bowl. Squeeze the naked lemon, and add the juice to the rind.

Separate four eggs, dropping the yolks into the lemon juice. (Save the whites for another use.) Add a pinch of salt and beat the yolks into the lemon juice and rind.

When the rice is tender, whisk about half a cup of the hot stock into the yolks, then slowly pour the yolks into the soup, stirring constantly. Cook gently for about five minutes, or until the soup is slightly thickened. Pour into bowls and eat slowly. 


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  • Mark. says:

    And it’s got a golem in the name!

  • dee adler says:

    is there an over the counter chicken stock you prefer? nothing compares to home made of course, but….who has the time.

  • admin says:

    Hi Dee,

    I’m sorry to say that the supermarket brands I’ve found are all pretty terrible. But I’ve found this Spanish brand which is actually acceptable (and sadly, expensive).

  • Robert Half says:

    I’ll need a lot more than soup to comfort me at this time.
    I’m so uncomfortable now after the election that nothing I eat is going to help.
    I never believed that our new President really meant what he said.
    Now I’m learning that his policies and appointments seem to be worse than
    his pre-election speeches.
    I’m usually a Republican voter but this time I had to cross the line and vote for
    a women, even though I did not like her.
    The question is where will we all be taken with Republicans dominating everything?

  • Zoya says:

    Worse? Really? How can they be worse? This is worrying.

  • Harmeet Bhullar says:

    What rice would one use, basmati, jasmine, or arborio?


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