Gift Guide: Coffee to Go

December 5, 2016


All my coffee-loving friends pack an AeroPress when they hit the road; it is, they assure me, the only way to be sure of getting a decent cup of coffee.  Most of them love this little gadget so much they also use it to make coffee at home, one cup at a time.

The coffee maker, which combines the technology of a French Press and a pour-over, was invented by Alan Adler, who also invented the Aerobie Pro flyer (a kind of frisbee with a hole in the middle that’s set records for farthest-thrown object). He’s a mechanical engineer who lectures at Stanford and has spoken at universities all over the world.

Apparently, Mr. Adler loves coffee.  Should you have someone with a similar passion on your list, this would be a terrific present.  It costs less than $30 – and even comes with its own little travel bag.



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  • Quenta Vettel says:

    Thank you for this suggestion! My daughter works as an International Development Fellow in Ghana and is a huge lover of (strong) coffee. She moved to Ghana last fall and has a nice coffee press for her house, but can’t find good coffee when she is traveling in the field. She was home for a few days at Christmas and we got her this press based on your suggestion. She loves it – and it’s so easy for her to tuck into the pouch and take it with her wherever she goes. It’s so hard to buy presents for her because of where she’s living/working, but I honestly think this was the best gift we bought for anyone this Christmas! Thanks again!