Gift Guide: Natural Color

December 7, 2016



If you’re a baker – and isn’t everyone this time of year? – you should know about India Tree.  The company specializes in colorful all natural vegetable dyes in everything from frosting to sprinkles to neon-bright sugars.

Serious bakers would be thrilled with one of their many sets – of sprinkles, dyes or sugars- but even the casual baker would be happy with a big jar of these colorful sprinkles. Pretty great gift for less than fifteen bucks.


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  • MmmYarn says:

    Oh, what a great suggestion, thank you! I can’t eat food dyes so my baking has been sprinkle-free for a while. I’m looking forward to more festive-looking treats again. 🙂

  • Dear Ruth, Thank you for adding India Tree Nature’s Colors to your gift list! Such an honor! Please be advised that we produce two lines of decorations: One is artificial and the other is Nature’s Colors. Currently, the best places to find our India Tree Nature’s Colors products are at Whole Foods stores and on Amazon nationwide. Our heart is with the natural colors because they are so rich and beautiful in an entirely different way from the artificial. It is our hope that soon in the coming year we will have a new e-commerce website up and running and will be ready to sell them online directly to those who appreciate them in the same we do. I have just become acquainted with your lovely blog and look forward to being a regular reader.