Gift Guide: Salt’s Cure

December 15, 2016


Anchovies are a staple in my house. I use them in place of salt in most of my vegetable dishes; when you worry them around in a pan of onions and olive oil, they vanish, leaving behind a whisper of umami flavor.  Your guests know the greens taste better, but they couldn’t tell you why.

My favorite pizza is topped with anchovies. I’ll take them out for a quick cocktail snack, setting them atop crackers or deviled eggs.

So anyone who showed up at my house with a jar of really excellent anchovies would be extremely welcome.

These anchovies from Heritage Foods aren’t cheap, but they’re superb. They make every savory thing taste better.


And while we’re on the subject of Heritage Foods, check out their other offerings.  At the moment they have a truly awesome array of salume – from great curemasters all over the country. That nduja is really something!

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