Things I Love: Hand Forged Carbon Steel Skillet

March 20, 2017

This new skillet has just arrived from Blanc Creatives – and I’m in love.

Natural non-stick, beautifully balanced, and a lovely blue-black color. I appreciate the low-rise (1 inch) too.

This pan is pure pleasure to cook with.

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  • Kate Donegan says:

    I have been thinking about getting one of these skillets. I loved them when I was a short order cook (eons ago). A nice option to the cast iron and all clad. Thanks for the link. Have fun.

  • Moe Mosiman says:

    I have one also and it’s great for everything. Just remember to re-coat it like cast iron after each use.

  • Mark. says:

    Carbon steel is great! The cheaper ones tend to warp, though, at least on my induction non-hotplate, and top-quality is very expensive. On the whole, more versatile I think than cast iron, and easier on arthritic hands. Silicone handle covers are a good idea.