Four Great Low Country Recipes

April 23, 2017

Been looking through old cookbooks – I have thousands – and happened upon a few I really love. Like this lovely little book of recipes from one of my favorite Charleston chefs, Robert Stehling.  I’ve never had a single dish at Hominy Grill that wasn’t absolutely wonderful.  Consider, for example, Robert’s

If you’re looking for a great appetizer, you can’t do better than this:

and I’m about to make this right this minute:

Dessert tonight?  How about the perfect chocolate pudding?  (Note that you should make it soon if you want to eat this rich wonderful pudding tonight: it needs to chill before you eat it.)

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  • Alba Oliveira says:

    I feel like to make this corn bread right now,too.

  • Lynn McBride says:

    We go to Hominy Grill all the time. The great missing recipe here is their buttermilk pie! It doesn’t sound good, but it’s the best. By the way, I grew up in Atlanta and have lived in Charleston for 30 years. I’ve never used white cornmeal in my life. I have a very similar recipe, but with yellow cornmeal–the only way to go! Also I’m very suspicious about putting cumin and chili powder in pimento cheese, but I’m willing to give that a go.

  • Regine Ibold says:

    Dear Ruth –

    I think your simple cornbread version – baked in small skillet, rest of batter in muffin cups – is more like “the real deal.” Less sweet, too.