Recipes from the Bayou

April 24, 2017

Another gem from my bookshelf, more rich southern cuisine, in this case from the Mississippi bayou. Like so many old spiral bound recipe books (this one was published in 1975), Bayou Cuisine was the work of a church group – in this case, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Indianola, Mississippi. Refreshingly, whoever put this cookbook together was conscious of the diverse peoples who contributed to Southern cuisine, and the recipes reflect that. It’s chock full of really interesting entries.

Here’s a trusty looking recipe for one of my favorite southern desserts, chess pie, from Mrs. Charles Graeber. It’s one of those desserts you could almost make a meal of. 

And then here’s a classic bourbon ball recipe. (Let these sit a few days before serving so the flavor have a chance to mingle.) 

And this slightly insane recipe; I wish I knew what inspired it!

And last, some fascinating (and psychedelic) sauces to slather on roasted meats. I’m guessing they’re vaguely Chinese inspired:


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