“Three Ways to Heaven” and “Tropical, What Is It?”

May 31, 2017

Browsing through the old cookbooks in my collection I came upon this rarity, published in 1951, by the longtime chef of the Boone Tavern in Berea. Some of the recipes in Look No Further are irresistible. For instance, who could pass up a cake called Three Ways to Heaven?

Here’s the preface to the book:

And another recipe with a crazy name (and, in fact, a rather odd recipe):

The author calls this his “favorite cake.”  I’ve got some leftover mashed potatoes, so I’ll be trying it.

And finally, a recipe that passed for “Japanese” in the early fifties.





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  • Robert F says:

    Someone needs to reinvent the water chestnut. I only associate it with tasteless cans of 70s-era La Choy meals.

  • CatF says:

    That potato cake recipe looks very similar to one I’ve been making for years on St. Patricks Day. My recipe also has a few ounces of grated chocolate. It is quite good!

  • Edy Klang says:

    Let us know how your potato cake turns out.


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