Another Gorgeous Way to Boil Water

June 3, 2017

My newest teakettle is made in America, dates back to the 1930s – and with its bakelite handle, is even more beautiful, I think, than the Scottish Picquot Ware version.

This Wagner magnalite kettle – manufactured by a family firm in Sidney, Ohio, is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.


They’re not all that hard to find, and they’re not (yet) as pricey as Picquot Ware.  And while we’re on the subject, the Wagner company made many other casseroles, pots and pans of great beauty.  Google Wagner, and an astonishing collection comes up.

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  • Greg says:

    Beautiful- as someone who is forgetful, would be nice if it whistled, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • Bettie Laven says:

    I have a new quest!

  • Evelin says:

    Ah, what a pity… I cannot add a picture.
    Well, if you want to see this, search in Google for Le Lapin Hema.
    Hema is a Dutch store chain and this kettle will appear. It won a design prize and is really beautiful. I think it is not being made anymore….

  • Betsey Kuzia says:

    I have one that I just dragged down from the attic (the Wagner Ware one). I probably paid a dollar for it at a garage sale years ago but I loved the design. It needs some good cleaning on the exterior but I think I will let it live next to my old Griswold kettle for good company!

  • I have several of the Wagner pots from this era-they later merged with Griswold I believe. They are great for anything that is not too acid (I would make my “Sunday gravy” in them). Easy to clean and make shiny if are careful when cooking.