Persian Quilted Bread

July 14, 2017

Every once in a while you come upon a truly inspiring issue of an old magazine. This September 1976 issue of Gourmet is one of them: it’s filled with interesting articles on all manner of subjects:  Bhutan, Provence, Cape Cod, New Orleans and Santa Fe, just for starters.  I was especially taken with “A Taste of Iran.”  Here are just a couple of the recipes.

Intrigued by the recipe for the flatbread, Nan-e-Barbari, I was worried by the baking instructions.  Only 5 minutes in the oven just doesn’t seem right.  More modern recipes also include a glaze, rather than just butter, and have you sprinkle the top with nigella seeds (probably not available in the US in 1976).  They also suggest using a pizza stone to bake the bread.  If you’re looking for a newer recipe, try Hot Bread Kitchen or Food 52.



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