Soft Savory Stuffed Rolls

July 19, 2017

From the June 1983 Gourmet, an appealing take on savory pinwheel roll.


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  • Molly Boyd says:

    I’ve been looking for the complete recipe for Parsley Scallion Rolls for over two decades. Seriously! I clipped it from Gourmet in 1983 and prepared them for many dinner parties. When we moved in 1993, the second page disappeared. I have tried to get old copies of Gourmet, etc. so I was delighted when I googled it today and found your post. THANK YOU Ruth.

  • admin says:

    Hey Molly, that makes me really happy.

  • Lisa Howell says:

    I grew up eating a strikingly similar recipe. Instead of rolls, the herbs are swirled jelly roll style inside a loaf of yeasted white bread. It’s tasty and very pretty. Also, the scallions and parsley are wilted on the stove together with minced garlic and butter. My Mom and I have made this every Thanksgiving since the early 1970’s. I think my Mom found the recipe in either the San Diego Union or LA Times newspaper. My teenage son and I now carry on our Thanksgiving Herb Bread making tradition! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!