2. Gift Guide: A Truly Great Skillet

November 26, 2017

If you’ve got a passionate cook on your list – and you love them enough to want to spend some serious money- they will thank you for many years for giving them this wonderful hand-forged carbon steel skillet from Blanc Creatives.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a skillet:  the sides are very low.  This makes it the perfect pan for  flipping eggs, making pancakes and searing meats.

The blue black color is truly beautiful, and the pan gets even lovelier as it ages.  I find myself caressing the pan each time I dry it. (It is easier to care for than cast iron.)

The skillet comes in three sizes: I have the medium, which I find incredibly useful.  More often than not, when I pull open the pan drawer, this is the one I pull out.

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  • dominique says:

    thank you for doing the gift guide again this year. There are always lots of great “finds”.
    Also, just finished reading your book “My Kitchen Year.” Loved the style and I am working my way through a bunch of the recipes. I am less than inspired immediately post Thanksgiving to create great meals and fall into ruts. Your book provided a great play list to start off this inter-holiday season.

  • Stefanie says:

    My pans arrived. Yes I bought two. They are gorgeous. Heavy but gorgeous

  • Robert F says:

    It’s about half the weight of the same size cast iron pan. I’d say that makes it light, not heavy. Anyway, I love this thing and I’ve been using it ever since the Ruthmeister posted about it two years ago. My wife will no longer touch it because of the soap incident, but we won’t discuss that here.