A Vintage Project

November 1, 2017

It’s that kind of day – gray, cold, gloomy. The perfect day to stay in the kitchen.  The perfect day to make this ornately old-fahioned recipe published in the December, 1969 issue of Gourmet Magazine.


the liver pate thoroughly before using it.

From the same issue, a very French way with fettuccine from the Kennedy’s Whitehouse chef.

And a little reminder of just how long ago that was….

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  • admin says:

    Rita Jammet, of La Caravelle, has added this wonderful little tidbit:
    Loved seeing that you included a recipe by René Verdon, the Kennedy White House chef. Loved it because the Kennedy family asked Robert Meyzen and Fred Decré, the then owners of La Caravelle restaurant, to find a chef for the White House. Fred and Robert brought in René, trained him (at La Caravelle) for a few weeks to prepare the Kennedys favorite dishes. One of them was la Poularde Maison Blanche, with a champagne cream sauce!