Gift Guide 2017: Fantasyland

December 17, 2017

We’re in dreamland here, but the chefs I know have been singing the praises of the Thermomix for many years. They’re made in Germany, and although professional chefs have been using them for years, only recently have the elite machines been sold for domestic use in the United States.

These superior kitchen robots happily perform all sorts of functions: the machine purportedly grinds, emulsifies, weighs, steams, chops, stirs, blends, kneads, and heats – and that’s just for starters. Chefs are enamored of their ability to make sauces, heating and stirring at the same time while maintaining even temperature. Home cooks like them because they really do make cooking easier.

But there’s a decided downside. A few, actually. They’re noisy. There’s a learning curve.  And sadly, they cost a fortune. But if there’s someone on your list you’re willing to spend $1500 on, this might just be the perfect present.

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