This Trifle is No Trifle

December 29, 2017

It’s cold. So cold.  What better way to while away a bit of time than leafing through old issues of Gourmet?

Came upon this trifle in the December, 1983 issue.  Trifles aren’t supposed to be complicated but this one is a serious project. Perfect, in fact, for a day like today.

To my surprise I also came upon a recipe request from one of my mother’s best friends. Lucy lived up the street from us, and I loved going to her house for dinner; she was a fantastic cook. I should have known she subscribed to Gourmet.

And finally, an irresistible ad. If only I’d had the money, back in 1983, to attend one of Marcella’s classes!

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  • Judi Suttles says:

    Sorry. i am so trifled out. I came down with the flu the 23rd
    (also my birthday). I ate ramen. For Christmas, I always do a proper English roast of prime rib and proper sides. My son anddaughter had to cook the meal Fortunalely, I had made the triffle and Christmas cake in advance. I always make Kate and William’s wedding cake.Turnef out good, thank God.

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