Mourad, Again

April 30, 2018

I wrote about lunch at Mourad a few months ago, (you can read about it here), so all I’m going to do now is give you a brief description of my most recent dreamlike dinner at the San Francisco restaurant.  It was a birthday celebration for someone I’ve known and loved for most of my life.

Dinner began with the table covered in delightful little tidbits- like the sparkling little tarts above and these adorable little flower-covered cheese boats

and then went on to this….

Caviar. Need I say more?  It was followed by this astonishing concoction of squid shaved into ribbons and pared with translucent slices of vegetable, green charmoula, arugula blossoms…

and then this single shining scallop, gently seared, nestled against a heap of kohlrabi with the sneaky aroma of vaudovan perfuming the air.

Next up was this egg, with blue foot mushrooms, purslane  and rumors of coffee floating through the sauce

and then Mourad’s take on foie gras, which involves strawberries, pink peppercorns and papaya encircled in a garland of greens.

It was followde by the most astonishing take on duck – just a few fine rich bites, almost electric in intensity

short rib with green garlic

and butter-braised couscous with flowers dancing across the top.

Finally, something sweet, all crunch and crackle.

Another gift?  The restaurant is quiet, comfortable and a perfect place to talk. I can’t think of a more perfect place to celebrate someone you really care about.

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