Campanile in the Eighties

November 12, 2018

I found these pages floating about, with nothing to tell me what restaurant they belonged to. But I’m pretty sure this was Campanile – probably the restaurant that made me the happiest.

I loved the food that Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton were making – and I loved the way the restaurant (designed by Josh Schweitzer) looked.  There was a fountain in the front, filled with goldfish, which is why Nick called it “the fishy restaurant.”

Even today, thirty years later, this menu remains incredibly appealing. I think they were the first to serve warm, just-made mozzarella in LA.  And I know they were the first to serve those great Persian mulberries.


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  • Terry Sauer says:

    This made me smile! Campanile was and still is my favorite restaurant. It was the first time I read about a restaurant and decided I need to go. The prime rib was so spectacular, you had to use the little sourdough roll to sop up all the juice. The martinis were amazing. It was my go to place for celebrations! I had the best grilled cheese sandwich ever T lunch! There are so many wonderful meals and memories! Thank you for sharing.